Double the Challenge and then add more

An epic journey to occur tomorrow.

With "tortuous hill climbs," stream crossings, and unpredictable conditions, the 35-mile Rachel Carson Trail Challenge is a brutal endeavor for hikers and runners alike.  Aaron Clineman, a 25 year-old Pittsburgh resident, is planning to extend the already difficult course to include the newly added trail sections in the North Park vicinity. This means when he hits the eastern trail terminus in Harrison Hills Park, he will have logged 45 miles. Rather than settling for this monumental effort, Clineman plans to do an "out and back," bringing his one-day total to 90 miles. 

Clineman will start tomorrow, May 9, at 6:00 a.m. from the western terminus, which is adjacent to the Harmony Trail.  He will be crewed by his girlfriend, Justine Pollack, who is a strong trail runner in her own right. North Park Trail Runners will be sharing miles with Clineman (from a social distance) as well as cheering from the sidelines. Updates throughout the day will be posted to the NPTR Facebook page as well as RCTC's Instagram and Facebook.  

Fun Fact: In 2012, a young runner named Dario Donatelli attempted a double-Challenge on Challenge Day. He did the Full Challenge from Harrison Hills Park to North Park, then turned around and headed back, planning to reach the last aid station before it closed and continuing on with his father supporting him. He made it back to the last aid station at which point he stopped.  

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