Expanded Trails in North Park

Maps and links to the newly blazed yellow trails.

Nearly seven miles of trails in North Park were blazed yellow over the summer and are now part of the Rachel Carson Trails Conservancy, maintained by volunteer stewards, much like our other sections. 

The new trails are contiguous and can be tackled from end to end. Below they are broken into three, logical sections for ease in navigation. 

Maps & Pictures                                                                       
Spillway to Gwas Wetland (3 miles)
Gwas Wetland to McKinney (2.5 miles)
McKinney to Goldfish (1 mile)

Link to Directions & GPS Coordinates 

Spillway            GPS: 40.597788,-79.997007

Gwas Weltland   GPS: 40.619561, -80.025075

McKinney          GPS:  40.618096, -80.044350