Participant Starting Queue

Baker Trail UltraChallenge - Saturday August 29, 2020

To reduce passing, race starting will be done sequentially, ordered by the runner's historical race performance (i.e., the fastest runners will start first). Your assigned queue number is handwritten on your race bib (it is not your bib number).

If you expect your performance will be sub-par, or you wish to start next to another person later in the queue, ask the start line volunteers Saturday morning for instructions. Note that you can only move back in the queue.

Please be aware that this is our best effort at ordering participants and we likely made mistakes because some runners had little or no public performance history. The purpose is only to minimize passing and help runners stay separated while maintaining their normal pace during the first few miles of the race. We don't expect it will be perfect.

If you know a runner is slower than you but is ahead of you in the queue, you can ask them to swap queue positions on race morning. Or you can just expect to pass them later. Passing will happen, it's a race after all.

Upon arrival at the start line, please take your place in the queue, which is a yellow rope alongside the road. The queue positions are six feet apart and identified by numeric labels.

It will take approximately 20 minutes to start everyone so please be patient. Every runner is individually timed and has a full 14 hours to finish. Additionally, once the last runner is started, the checkpoint cutoff times will be adjusted accordingly (for example, if the last runner starts at 6:48 AM or 18 minutes after 6:30 AM, 18 minutes will be added to the cutoff times).