Volunteer Roster

Baker Trail UltraChallenge Saturday, August 28, 2010

These are the locations on the UltraChallenge route that need volunteers. Important: You may volunteer at a station for less than the entire time.

Aid StationCume MilesAS Delta MilesRelay Leg MilesOpen TimeClose Time
Start: Schenley (map)
Station SupervisorSteve Mentzer
RecorderSteve Mentzer
0.06:30 AM
Godfrey (map)
Course marshalDonna Stolz
1.96:40 AM7:10 AM
Railbed turnoff (map)
Course marshalLynn Wilson
4.46:50 AM7:50 AM
Baker Trail junction (map)
Course marshalLinda Xenophontos
5.17:00 AM8:00 AM
Rope climb (map)
Course marshalMark Eyerman
Course marshalSara O'Donnell
6.37:00 AM8:30 AM
AS1: Ridge Road (map)
Station SupervisorKevin Smith - Elite Runners
AideBrad Logan
AideMichelle Wojnar
7.47.47:15 AM8:45 AM
Route 66 (map)
Course marshalBetsy Houck
Course marshalBetty Hovland
8.17:20 AM8:50 AM
AS2/CP: Crooked Creek (map)
Station SupervisorDenise Russick
RecorderStephanie Russick
AideBrittany Smail
AidePaige Wood
AideLynzie Johnson
Radio OperatorMatt Fleeger KB3TIX AM10:00 AM
AS3: Crooked Creek farm (map)
Station SupervisorSteve Graf
AidePat Demko
AideDebbie Gurdock
16.34.78:15 AM11:15 AM
AS4/CP: Cherry Run Road (map)
Station SupervisorMike Waldvogel
RecorderDwight Fox
AideRyan Knecht
Radio OperatorJohn Italiano WA3KFS AM12:30 PM
AS5: Sugar Run Road (map)
Station SupervisorDoug Freedline
AideAnn Freedline
AideJerry Heckathorn
25.04.29:15 AM1:30 PM
AS6: Route 210 (map)
Station SupervisorMiranda Shoemaker
AideBob Vickers
AideBrad Meyer
AideBrenda Humphreys
28.53.59:30 AM2:30 PM
Kimmel School Road (map)
Course marshalLeslie Wise
30.99:50 AM3:00 PM
AS7/CP: Miller Road (map)
Station SupervisorBrenda Wolfe
RecorderBill Dietrich
AideAnne-Sophie Charest
Radio OperatorKate Fissell KB3RXI
33.44.912.610:00 AM3:45 PM
AS8: Copper Valley Road (map)
Station SupervisorHelen Coyne
AideJan Berg
AideLisa Switzer
AideBrianne Switzer
36.22.810:30 AM4:30 PM
AS9/CP: Bailey Road (map)
Station SupervisorTony Chick
RecorderJen Braun
AideKarla Martinelli
Radio OperatorLinda Xenophontos KB3RXJ AM6:00 PM
AS10: Plumville (map)
Station SupervisorCindy Rogers
AideKaren Rocco
AideSteph Kimball
45.34.311:30 AM7:15 PM
AS11: Mahoning Road (map)
Station SupervisorDonna Stolz
AideDave Galbreath
AideFrank Beal 2PM-
49.03.711:45 AM8:00 PM
Finish: Smicksburg farm (map)
Station SupervisorTammy McGaughey
RecorderShaun Huppertz
Radio OperatorPhil Breidenbach AB3AW PM8:30 PM
Race DirectorSteve Mentzer 412-512-4544 KB3QCF
Volunteer CoordinatorPatty Brunner 724-325-3224
Logistics 1Joe Kostka KB3QCE
Logistics 2Jerry Hoffman KB3QCC / Ryan Hoffman
5:00 AM9:00 PM