Cove Run Road trail work day

Join a volunteer crew helping to improve the trail near Cove Run Road

The first hill leading down from Cove Run Road is very steep and gouged by the ATV traffic, and this hill can be treacherous going down when it's even slightly wet. So we will construct a short "zig zag" into the hillside to make the trail easier to descend, while also building it in a way as to discourage ATV traffic. If time allows we will work to repair some of the ATV ruts along the trail. Digging and vegetation clearing will be conducted.

Bring gloves, loppers, hand clippers, hand saw, mattock or McLeod (tools are available if you don't have them), and water & snacks for yourself.

COVID-19 Precautions In Effect

At this event, we continue to advise a minimum distance of six feet between crew members. Please bring your own gloves.