Trail Blazing on the Harmony Trail

This is a family friendly event that will have a long-term impact! Roll up your sleeves, whack some weeds, move some rocks!

Be a part of history in the making! This trail-blazing event is suitable for families, scout troops...anyone who likes to be outdoors!  In preparation for a bridge installation, we’re clearing a trail. Kids can help move rocks and clear leaves. Adults can clear brush and peform trail-blazing tasks. If you have shovels, rakes, pix axes, hoes...bring them with you! (We’ll have some tools to share, too!) 

At the conculsion of the work we’ll have a picnic! 

The Harmony Trail begins across from the intersection of Brennan Rd and Route 910 in Wexford, PA. There is a gravel lot for parking. Link to directions