Twenty people and a dog

A great turnout for the recent winter hike on the Harmony Trail

On Saturday February 3 we held our now annual deep winter hike on the Harmony Trail. The weather was ideal, sunny with temperatures in the mid-twenties, spurring twenty eager humans and one dog to turn out and hike on a beautiful day. It began at the northern trailhead, then turned onto the North Park spur trail and followed park trails near the Nature Center and along North Ridge road, at ended at the Beaver Shelter, the western trailhead of the Rachel Carson Trail.

At the finish there was hot cocoa, tea, and coffee to warm the body and biscotti and other cookies to fill the stomach, courtesy of Marian Crossman and Patty Brunner. Hike leader Mark Eyerman enrobed the shelter in tarps to protect the crowd from the cold wind. He even fired up a kerosene heater, but it was no match for the weather. Mainly it was used to heat water for the drinks.

Thanks to Mark and Marian for organizing an enjoyable day. And thanks to Monte Pursifull for the pics. We look forward to next year!

At the start..On the trail..At the finish