Help promote the Challenge

Increase awareness of the Homestead and Family Challenges, and the training hikes

The Rachel Carson Trail Challenge Promotion Committee wants to increase participation in the training hikes, the Homestead Challenge (18 miles) and the Family Challenge (8 miles) this year. We need people who can help us disseminate information about these events to their schools, churches, gyms, sports groups, and any other organization whose members might enjoy vigorous outdoor activity.

We now have a Media section on the web site that has information you can use for this purpose. There are articles that can be copied into newsletters, and one-page posters or flyers.

The Promotion Committee welcomes new members. Call Bob Mulshine at 412-741-0862 if you would like to get involved. We are meeting monthly now with plenty of work to do between meetings.

In addition to spreading the word about the events, the Committee works to get sponsors whose contributions will be used to maintain the trail and make the events better. Please contact us if you know of people or organizations that would consider sponsorship, or if you work for an organization that regularly sponsors outdoor events. We can offer recognition in our collateral, web site, and on our shirts in return for donations. We are also looking into sponsored clinics, such as a shoe clinic or a hydration and nutrition clinic, to do in conjunction with the training hikes. Any suggestions, especially regarding organizations willing to put on a clinic, will be appreciated.

You can email the Promotion Committee at (Be sure to put <notspam> as the first part of the message subject.)