Baker Trail: Coon Creek bridge installed

Volunteers install a new bridge over Coon Creek on the Baker Trail in Forest County

On Saturday January 13, 2007 a new bridge was installed over Coon Creek on the Baker Trail, about 3/4 mile south of the northern terminus. The bridge was recently constructed by volunteer Keith Klos, marked and disassembled. Twenty volunteers appeared at the work site after driving in steady rain, coming from as close as Lucienda and as far as Beaver Falls and Pittsburgh.

The raging streamAs always, there were obstacles to overcome. First, the truck containing the lumber and supplies couldn't be driven onto Seneca Resources property because, for the first time ever, the access gate was locked! This extended the journey carrying the lumber and tools an extra quarter mile, making the trip 3/4 miles from the vehicles. Moreover, due to the rain a normally small feeder creek was raging. Large rocks were moved into place and each piece of lumber was passed across, person-to-person. The next obstacle was a steep embankment that became a bit of a muddy slide.

As the lumber quickly became a bridge, teams went to work elsewhere. One group went south to the junction of the Baker and North Country trails and planted a new trail sign that was made by Ron Rice of the North Country Trail. This group also cleared several large downed trees from the trail. Another group headed north to the trailhead and also cleared a few downed trees. Yet another group cleared the trail leading to the new bridge, removing downed trees and cutting back brush.

The last screws sunk, the construction party was over and the tools and equipment were carried out. Back at the vehicles, the crew was treated to some great hot chili made by Dave Galbreath and conversation about the day.

This is a beautiful section of the Baker. Be sure to go and see our bridge and let us know what you think. The next project in that area will be the relocation of the existing trailhead and installation of a new sign and parking area. Stay tuned!

The Work Party

The Work Party

Joyce Appel, RCTC, NCT, Butler Chapter
Connie Charlton, RCTC
Dave Charlton, RCTC
Helen Coyne, RCTC, NCT, Butler Chapter
Brent Cummingham, RCTC
Britton Dickey, RCTC
Dewight Fox, RCTC
Dave Galbreath, NCT, Clarion Chapter
Betty Hovland, RCTC
Keith Klos, NCT, Allegheny National Forest Chapter
Jamie Klos, NCT, Allegheny National Forest Chapter
Bill McIlroy, RCTC
Ron Rice, NCT, State Trail Coordinator
Cindy Rogers, RCTC
Ed Scurry, NCT, Clarion Chapter
Paul Schultz, NCT, Wampum Chapter
Dave, NCT, Wampum Chapter
John Stehles, NCT, Butler Chapter
Doug Turner, RCTC
Patty Brunner, RCTC; NCT, Butler Chapter