NCT: Bear Creek Bridge Installed

Conservancy volunteers help the North Country Trail

I was amazed at the volunteer effort from everyone the weekend of April 21 on the Bear Creek Bridge project! A 48-foot arched bridge was erected on the North Country Trail in Parker, PA. People came from far and wide including many from the Rachel Carson Trails Conservancy, a North Country Trail affiliate organization. About thirty people worked on the project over the two days and it went very smoothly. Everyone, including the kids, just kept going no matter how tired we were from carrying all the lumber, scaffolding and tools the better part of a mile in and then down a steep slope to the work site. The project was extremely well managed thanks to Dan, Peggy, and Jesse Maurer and all those who helped with the building and preparation of the bridge. The documenting of the volunteer work hours 'banked' $4,600 toward future matching DCNR grant money. Congratulations and THANK YOU to everyone who helped with this project!

Bear Creek Bridge Two Joes Scaffolding