Pending projects

Master list of pending trail projects

Fall/Winter '20

  • Serenity Woods Reroute - Things look promising for a major reroute of the trail between St Regis Lane and Murray Hill Road. We're looking at approximately 80%+ new trail between there with some spectacular views and terrain new to the RCT, but it'll be lots of work.

Before '21 Challenge

  • Reroute of the trail between our SW and Pugh properties. The route has been scouted and flagged in Fall '20.
  • Crawford Hill (East of Sheets) - The trail zig zags up the hill then comes out onto the powerline, that hill is extremely steep (possible the steepest on the trail) and dangerous, particularly going down hill, we need to do something to mitigate the danger. One option is to cut a zig zag into the powerline and give folks a safe way to get up/down the hill. The other is to cross the powerline into the deep woods on the opposite side and then reconnect with the existing trail anywhere from the top of the steep hill to near where the trail crosses the powerline 1/4 mile further on. Option 1 is easy-ish, option requires a good bit of scouting.
  • East of Rt 910 - From 910 we follow the powerline and then turn into the woods traversing either side of the draw, the current crossing of that draw is too steep and dangerous, so we need to move it 50' further up the draw. There are also numerous trees down across the trail that are all easy step overs, but there's no reason not to make a pass with the chainsaw and clean it up.
  • East of Cedar Run Road - The trail crosses the lawn and then heads up the hill in the woods. That hill is steep and usually slippery (not right now) and we need to put some steps or something in to make it easier and safer to hike there.
  • Ridge Reroute where it comes out near 28 - We have to fix up that hillside, a couple steps and a zig zag should do it.
  • Crouse Run - The steps where the trail comes out of the valley need the trees cleared and the steps repaired, I've ignored that far too long doing other projects.

After '21 Challenge

  • Bakerstown Road East - The trail traverses the slope down to the creek and then goes directly up the hill on the opposite side, that hill is really steep and the trail is ill defined as people scramble for a way up, I think we can do better. One option is to traverse the slope up somewhat mirror image to the opposite side, the other is to put in a zig zag up the slope. We need to do some scouting to decide which will make better trail.
  • Springdale Bluffs - Heading East we head up the powerline from Freeport Road and then go into the woods, the trail then makes a bend left and comes out onto a right turn onto the powerline. There is a blazed phone pole there but it is a bit in the opposite direction and people get confused and head towards the houses. I propose we cut that corner off, building about 50' of new trail and making that transition more obvious.
  • Lower LeFever Hill - Fix up some of the deteriorated areas of the hillside, that hill is constantly moving so we will always need to do projects there.
  • Gourdhead Run East/Topnick Drive East/Mt DiCio East - All three of these areas have deep gullies formed from years of foot traffic and erosion, I'd like to put logs or boards across these gullies and fill in behind them forming broad 'steps' and repairing the damage we have done through the years.
  • Gourdhead Run Scout Bridges - The two bridges through this area could use some love, the Eagle bridge has missing boards, and they both could us a good coat of stain/preservative, we should also do a major cut back of the vegetation around them. It would be nice to do the project in coordination with Hampton Twp and the Scout troops, so that'll take a bit of work to put together.

Long Term Wish List

  • Reroute off of Rich Hill into the woods beside the current trail. I'd also like to explore eliminating the smaller up and down hill just west of this by going around it instead of up and over. Lots of scouting and talk with property owners before this can become a reality.
  • Heading west from Bailey Run Road - You cross the creek and head up the hill past the wrecked cars and then bend left onto a relatively level stretch, the trail then make a hard right and heads straight up the hill, I'd like to explore making that turn as a 45ish degrees and angle up the slope more gradually. It's very thick right now so winter scouting will tell if this is a possibility.
  • Possible Reroute off of Yutes Run Road. Preliminary scouting is done, awaiting property owner permission before we move further.