Kindness Rocks!

Kindness Rocks!

Painted rocks can provide comfort in a time of uncertainty.

Looking for ways to reduce stress while also putting a smile on a stranger's face? Try painting rocks. The creativity and emotional self-expression of rock painting can prove to be therapeutic for both adults and children. Finding a random painted rock, whether it be on a trail in the woods or in your own neighborhood, can lift your spirits and serve as a distraction from current events. 

Painted rocks are gradually finding their way onto one of the Conservancy's lesser-known trails, the Harmony Trail. Located in Wexford, PA, the Harmony Trail is ideal for families or individuals looking for a shorter, less challenging walk. Almost one mile in length, a stream runs alongside the trail and an adjacent bridge hooks you onto the Rachel Carson Trail.

The width of the Harmony Trail (nearly 9 feet) is conducive to the social distancing requirements we face today. At the trail head, we've conveniently placed two yard sticks (between two painted rocks, of course!) to help you visualize the six-foot distance.  Please respect social distancing requirements while enjoying the trail. And please leave all painted rocks in place for others to enjoy! 

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