Got a Phone? Explore the RCTC Geotrail!

Got a Phone? Explore the RCTC Geotrail!

The RCTC Geotrail consists of 40 caches.

By Kathleen Ganster and Paul Sauers 

Some days it’s hard to get motivated to get out and get some exercise. Well, geocaching may just be that motivation.

It is a bit hard to describe geocaching – a combination of hiking, some problem solving, and a lot of treasure hunting.

Often referred to as the “world’s largest treasure hunt,” there are now over 3 million geocaches in over 190 countries. Using a simple app on a smartphone or hand-held GPS, you can find “treasures” – called caches. Caches are containers that can vary from miniscule to very large and hold small trinkets and other tokens including trackable items along with logbooks. Cachers choose a fun name for themselves that they use to register and log their finds on the website. It is a great activity for families and children!

Caches can be located just about anywhere – in parks, along hiking trails, even in guardrails and are rated on terrain and difficulty in the find to assist in planning.

In 2018, the Conservancy designed the RCTC Geotrail to introduce more people to the Rachel Carson Trail. The RCTC Geotrail consists of 40 caches located along the trail which vary in difficulty and terrain to find. Cache locations were placed with families with children in mind. The geotrail was put into place by three Rachel Carson Trail hikers and participants of the Challenge. These volunteers are all avid cachers.

The Conservancy also designed two commemorative coins just for the RCTC Geotrail. Each cache contains a clue about Rachel Carson or the trail and cachers who log the name of the caches with the hints are eligible for the coins. Those who find 26 caches may receive one coin and those who locate all 40 will receive another! These keepsake coins are only for those who have completed the RCTC Geotrail. There is no charge to participate in geocaching and the RCTC Geotrail.

Many cachers are already finding the caches and logging their results! Several have already found at least 26 of RCTC geocaches and been awarded the commemorative coin and are working on finding all 40 of the caches. We have also had a few ambitious cachers who have earned the RCTC Geotrail 40 cache commemorative coin. Will you be one of them?

For more information about geocaching including how to register visit You can also download the free geocaching app for your smartphone. Please feel free to email any questions to Paul Sauers.

And while you are completing the RCTC Geotrail, be sure to register and keep track of your miles for the RCTC 100 Mile Quest!blaze10.png

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