Pitt Make A Difference Day

A unique opportunity to work with Pitt students on October 19

The University of Pittsburgh helps their students make a difference by facilitating a giant, annual volunteer day.  The last few years, the Conservancy has participated in the event, Pitt Make a Difference Day.  Some of our volunteers have served as team leaders for Pitt students to do projects in North Park and on the Harmony Trail.  On Saturday, October 19, we have another opportunity to involve students in Conservancy projects.  In addition to getting needed work done on trails, this is a great opportunity for us to encourage the students' interest in nature and appreciation of trails.

In order for the Conservancy to participate we need to provide adult volunteers who agree to lead a group of 5 or so students on a project that morning.  Projects might involve clearing trash from a section of trail, clearing invasives from a section of trail, improving the benching of a trail or addressing water issues on a section of trail.  The Conservancy will work to ensure that tools, gloves and other items necessary for the project are provided.  What we need is for you to step up to be one of the adult leaders that day.

The Pitt students arrive in busses at North Park.  Each bus can hold 42 students.  If we had enough leader volunteers, say 8 or 9, we could arrange for a bus dedicated to Conservancy projects.  If we have fewer than 8 volunteers we will share a group of Pitt students with the Friends of North Park and the Nature Center of North Park.

If you can help us out and work with us from 8:00 to 1:00 on Saturday October 19 please contact Bob Mulshine at bobmulshine@hotmail.com.  We will support you in picking a project and going over what you will be expected to do.  You can look forward to a nice day in the woods, a chance to improve the trails and a chance to impact the life of a college age person. Lunch is served to all.