Challenge Organization Checklist


  • Submit County Parks Event proposal
  • Reserve shelter: North Park Harmar Shelter on odd years, Harrison Hills ELC & Yakaon Shelter on even years
  • Create website & registration pages for Challenge
  • Order shirts
  • Reserve grills for finish cookout A-1 Rental in Harrison Twp.


  • Mail permission request letter to Crouse Run owner Mike Bowman
  • Order toilets "Lori DiCross" <>
  • Order bus service, W.L. Roenigk Josh Orris request insurance cert for Allegheny County
  • Reserve two 16' trucks from Enterprise Truck Etna 412-219-2991
  • Confirm Mike Daily and Jim Holloway will provide water buffalo service
  • Confirm Mike Daily will get permission from Frazer Township Water Authority Nick Irvine 724-681-8208 re: getting water from fire hydrant at Pittsburgh Mills
  • Get approval from Steve Loevner for Shaffer Road checkpoint
  • Send ice donation request email to "Lori Maurmeier" <>
  • Email Megan Dale re: permission for Springdale HS lot (Homestead Challenge)
  • Fax township police
  • Contact Mike Dutch re: Harrison Hills ELC parking (even years)


  • Clean and replace missing RFID tags
  • Email volunteer confirmations
  • Lead two volunteer meetings
  • Attach shirt graphic for check-in screen
  • Print checkpoint distance signs
  • Print ice donation letter for Logistics crew ice pickup on Friday
  • Print volunteer shirt list
  • Print volunteer name tags
  • Print maps
  • Agan Park traffic cones on Logistics 1 truck
  • Road signs on Logistics 2 truck
  • Bring folding table for Springdale (Homestead), Tarentum/Hartwood (Friends & Family)