March 9, 2005

Rachel Carson Trails Conservancy Board Meeting, Mar. 9, 2005 MINUTES

Next meeting will be Tuesday April 12th - 5:30 p.m. at the Brush Creek Inn For supper and strategic planning session

Members Attending Mar. 9th: Todd Chambers, George Beckman, Charlie Brethauer, Marian Crossman, Peggy Hoburg, Jerry Hoffman, Steve Mentzer, and John Stephen . GUESTS from the Brush Creek Watershed Assoc.: John Brobst, Chuck Merlino, and Bill Moul (also NAEC President)

BRUSH CREEK proposal: Todd welcomed our guests. Discussed partnering with them to advance a trail on land they have acquired in Marshall/Cranberry, just west of Route 19. It is approx. one mile of stream valley land, level grade, going from close to Thorn Hill Rd. in RIDC north to the hotel parking lots at Freedom Road. Cranberry Township is supportive in planning connections, and Marshall is interested in tying in to the trail network they have already. BCWA has arranged for two access points. Three local businesses have provided funds to BCWA for the trail. It was agreed the proposal to undertake this trail fits with the RCTC mission. A joint meeting was suggested to include Kathy Frankel of the PA Bur. of Rec. & Conserva. There will be further discussion at the next meeting.

MINUTES of the meeting of Feb. 9, 2005 were approved after correcting the amount being paid to Procopio & Assocs. for fund-raising services to $2000. Trail event dates noted in May at Moraine State Park were corrected by Patty.

FINANCE: Peggy reviewed the printed report of Feb. 8- Mar. 8, 2005. Items sold are listed by type, other income and expenses are itemized. John's invoice for the period, $300, was approved. Steve spoke of trail maintenance & repair materials, used by Hugh Downing on the RCT, to be invoiced for repayment. John will handle the renewal of D&O; insurance coming due. He is checking on a double tax billing for Brooktree #83464; will apply for its tax exemption. John has spoken to CEO Bruce Betty at McCandless on $5000 repayment due.

Independent accountant Frank Hess will be paid $500 for his work making a compilation of RCTC finances in the standard format for a non-profit group. It is ready for our new treasurer. Bill, Todd & Marian will meet on 3/11 with Nico Glorieux, who has offered to consider the task. We hope he will join us.

FUNDERS: Letters prepared by Procopio are being distributed to the funders. Another nearly ready to submit is to Ben & Jerry',s requesting $1000 support. We are adding a line to tell of group and agency cooperations in RCTC work.

VESTAL: Charlie has the permit application 85% completed, a tedious chore. BROOKTREE: Bridge site was reviewed Feb. 22 & Feb. 26 to assess the job of clearing a blocked 10" culvert which now floods the adjacent Harmony trail, the approach for construction of the bridge. Bryan Koehler bid $4000 to fix the site, with an end wall and larger pipe. Must stay clear of gas line & cable there. Todd contacted Bart Spagnolo of Penn Power. He requires a trail site plan so as to evaluate RCTC's proposal to use part of their long established parking space, at both the n. & s. ends of the one-mile section. (Route 910 and Richard Road) Questions: Weight of utility trucks using the route? What foundation is needed? What permit required for bridge construction? Can we pay J.Menniti for work?

Marian has found volunteers ready to work when the designed bridge is begun: John Menniti, engineer; 724-933-4080 contacted the bridge designer Dave Carothers of CMU. They await RCTC word to proceed. Chuck Watson, 724-935-3097, has offered to help. Numerous others are ready to assist as soon as work party dates are set.

RACHEL CARSON CHALLENGE: Steve circulated a tentative budget for '05. He is looking for more sponsors to help provide foods for the cookout, & cover other costs. Registrations,$30, are coming in already handled on line, as in '04. Checks come every two weeks from (agency -----)-. $6000 expected earnings. The event begins in North Park this year. Jerry told of his six teams of stewards already at work. Steve has great posters "One day, 34 miles" with web address so people can get all details needed to join in on the event.. A series of training hikes led by Babs Peterson, set for May & June, brought in $572 last year. Jerry will look for more sponsors. Steve keeps all statistics,wants volunteers for 6/18.

ULTRA MARATHON, Sat. Aug. 28: Steve and the committee will meet with Chief Brad Meyers or other rep of the State Game Commission for permission to have marathoners cross game lands. Jim R. said there were no problems ever in keeping brush trimmed over the 50 year history of trail use and maintenance. Steve is applying to Brookville School District for the permissions needed with event starting and ending there. Will contact Allegheny State Forest Manager. The U.M. Committee will meet Mar. 17 at 6 p.m .at Patty's office in Oakmont.

BEAUTIFUL NEW RC Trail Guides. Steve brought his new edition for all to see. Several were purchased (at $12+tax) John was given 7 to mail to chairs of the municipal councils where the trail passes through. George has prepared the accompanying letter. It asks that they watch out for developments that could impact the trail route, and plan to protected it as a community asset.

NEWSLETTER: Nearly completed. Steve plans to print it Mar. 21. Labels are being made by Page Ritchey,, blending two member lists, 600 from HTC/RCTC and xxxx from Larry Laude's old AYH mailing list. 1800 total were sent out last spring. Expect Memberships rolling in. Adj. 9:30