February 9, 2005

Rachel Carson Trails Conservancy Board Meeting, Feb. 9, 2005 MINUTES

Next meeting will be March 9th - - 7 p.m. Todd's office as usual

Attending members: Todd Chambers, George Beckman, Charlie Brethauer, Marian Crossman, Peggy Hoburg, Steve Mentzer, Bill McIlroy, Glenn Oster.

MINUTES of the meeting of January 12, 2005 were approved as emailed. Steve noted that all the minutes are posted on a Directors Workspace section of the trail web site for use of the Board of Directors. Note the entries made by Patty, Steve & Don E. by clicking [Members] at www.rachelcarsontrails.org. Others from the board could submit to Steve similar brief messages of their reason for being involved with trails.

FINANCE. Peggy reviewed the printed report of Jan.1-Feb. 8, 2005. Cash bal. $19,256.50. Income & expenses itemized included sales of trail guides & patches, memberships; work by John Stephen, web dues, deed filing fee, & donation paid to KTA. John's invoice of $400 submitted for Jan.13-Feb.8 was approved. Peggy will ask his advice on insurance to replace the D& O coverage ending in Apr.'05. John has invoiced McCandless for the $5000 owed toward the bill we paid Pashek Assocs. for the trail study in 2004.

Record-keeping for sales of merchandise RCTC now has adds a new level of complexity to the treasurer's job. Peggy has set up a new system to handle the categories of receipts. She plans to step down as treasurer, but will stay to provide liaison for a new person. She will prepare a job description and email it to the Board. All expressed thanks for her increasingly clear and thorough reports. She gave a great deal to the group and will be missed.

Bill offered to help find an accountant to handle the job through his contacts. The audit we need may be a part of the new treasurer's work. We discussed the level of expertise, complexity of the audit report, 990 filing needed, etc. Before voting on these matters we will ask John's advice.

FUNDRAISING. The 7-page contract agreement with Procopio & Assocs. was discussed at length. John is to serve as the RCTC representative. Both Todd and John will sign the agreement. For the year's work $2000 will be paid to Procopio, $3000 will be paid to John for those aspects of the work he will handle. In a motion made by George, seconded by Bill, it was approved that RCTC retain Procopio & Assocs. to undertake fundraising for a year.

BAKER TRAIL: Work Date April 30 - Patty has April 30 listed on the web site for trail maintenance with Seneca district scouts in parties, as originally was planned but cancelled by weather on Sept.'04.

Ultra-Marathon -50-mile Run scheduled for Aug. 27 - Steve has researched and planned for the essentials with his committee of 6, including 3 runners. Start: Northern Trailhead above Vowinckel, in Allegheny National Forest. Meet at 5 a.m. at Brookville H.S. to board buses to reach the race start by 6:15. Each year the trail section run should begin and end at a school. Aid stations will be set up at major road crossings. Race time 6:30 am -8:30 pm. Awards ceremony at 3-4 p.m. Publicity places are known by the 3 runners. Steve describes the conditions for this section as like the JFK run. [$60 fee?]

Rachel Carson Trail CHALLENGE event - June 18, 2005 - Registration to open March 7th, and be handled on-line completely, as last year. NEEDED: A top Volunteer Recruitment Person, to help find people and check that they are reliable. Steve plans to advertise more widely than last year.

Glenn announced May events at Davis Hollow Outdoor Center at Moraine State Park, incl training leaders from North Country Trail May 21-22. Their funds are in part from U.S. Park Service. Reminds us all to record volunteer hours & talents used for the trails. They can count toward matching grants.

RCT GUIDES - New Edition being prepared by Steve. Samples distributed. Improved binding, fine results, lower cost at Costello Printing in Tarentum.. For $32 more we will add the ISBN# and $120 for cover design. The board approved these added costs. 12 back orders will be fulfilled this month.

MUNICIPAL Contacts: John has added suggestions to George's draft letter and plans to send it, with copies of the new RCT Guide to Chairs of Council in the 8 municipalities where the Rachel Carson Trail goes through.

HARMONY Trail: Mr. Eichner called his reps. after receiving the RCTC letter with trail plans. Answers to John Moran, lawyer who advised on it . VESTAL Trail: Same-o, Same-o - Charlie and Todd to do the Joint Permit.

BROOKTREE Bridge: Site walk on 2/22 to decide about solving blocked culvert & consequent flooding of the Harmony route joining the bridge site. Bryan Koehler, landscaper, invited to assess the ways and means, with John Menniti, engineer. J. has volunteered to help with the CMU student who is willing to build the bridge this summer. Marian is finding other volunteers eager to see this accomplished. Rich Baehr, DEP engineer, is contacted for assistance on permitting for the bridge. Reviewing the plans, & will confer.

STRATEGIC Planning: Suggested by Bill, can be undertaken painlessly over dinner at the Brush Creek Inn Wed. April 13th. Meeting there at 5:30. ADJOURNMENT: 9:15 Marian Crossman, Sec.. [Date Change to 4/12] "