May 2, 2005

Attendees: Steve Mentzer, Patty Brunner, Chris Petty, Mark Eyerman

Meeting started around 6:30 PM

Steve reviewed the progress for the Chris and Mark.

Steve recounted his search for theme ideas. He contacted Carol Briggs at the Jefferson County Historical Society looking for suggestions on a historic event or local feature we can build the event around. She had no suggestions other than something to do with lumber. She referred me Mike Wennan at the Lumber Heritage Region. I called him and he said the area is being branded the "Pennsylvania Wilds", so perhaps we could incoporate that theme, such as "Running the Wilds". He referred me to Rick Dunlap at the PA Tourism Division. I called Rick and he said it's too late this year, but if we can incorporate the "Pennsylvania Wilds" brand into the event, they could provide funding and helped promote it. He said there's a guy putting on an adventure race around Williamsport and he received "considerable funding" for this event, the "Wildman 100" scheduled for the last week of September. Rick suggested they may be able to provide $5,000 to help us promote the event under that brand. They may have a series of races under this brand, ours being one of them. I told him we'd discuss it and keep it in mind for next year.

At the meeting everyone was enthusiastic about this possibility.

We discussed the ideas that have been bounced around about a novelty for this year's event. We decided to go with carrying a raw egg. We'll see how it works out this year. We'll need to come up with a special prize for those who succeed.

Steve submitted the application to reserve the Brookville HS. No reply yet, but Diane Hetrick said there should be no problem. Because we're not a local group, we will be charged some fee for the use of the facilities beyond the hourly rate. She will let us know what that is.

We discussed the number of awards and the three-part design. Mark suggested a military-style award, which is a main medal with addtional medals hanging below.

Chris will submit the event to various sites, such as the WV Mountain Trail Runners. Mark will offer suggestions on other sites we may want to be listed on and will help GPS the trail. Steve will email the draft brochure copy for review.

Meeting adjourned around 8:15 PM